Manners every Maldivian should fix

Maldivians are well mannered people. We are fit for 21st century. Its great. However there is always a room for improvement.

I have noticed a few flaws in few people in different places. On the road, in the coffee shop and in weddings, which I’ll be discussing here. I’m sure there are times you saw a guy shouting on the phone next to you on the day your girlfriend broke-up with you. Or while you were walking on the road minding your own business and suddenly a guy standing next to a cafe spits on your feet. If it didn’t happen to you yet, thank goodness. You survived from one of those atrocious malice manners occuring in Maldives repeatedly everyday.

If you notice any of these flaws I mentioned here within your social circle please highlight it to the person who is doing it. Maybe he just don’t know. Take him separately to another place and politely show him what he did and what is the consequence of it. After that show him how to correct it.

Here are the few manners I have irritatingly noticed:

Greeting: First of all greet the people you know. It shows that you recognize their presence. If you are on a rush and cannot say good morning, say Hi, or at least smile, or make an eyebrow flash. I see Maldivians passing their friends like they pass by a stranger. Greeting is important. Never miss it.

Letting kids run wild: This is annoying especially in places like restaurants, Cinemas and similar places. No couples want to hear your kids screaming while they are on a romantic date.

Speeding: Ok you maybe an expert driver. But some guys with confidence or over confidence mix with ego and to show off some girls on the street starts speeding like crazy. By doing this they are endangering themselves and others on traffic. This is highly disrespectful and it cause disturbance to other drivers on the road.

Public places: Never ever spit or blow your nose on public. That is disgusting. I see it every day and it must be stopped.

Clothes: No one wants to see you wearing a T Shirt and a short on their wedding. Your clothes should not be too tight or too baggy. It must be free from stains and wrinkles. Never go outside without shirt and without slippers.

Some Maldivian men see T shirt as a Swiss knife for clothing. You should never wear a T shirt for formal events, business events, or in a fine dine restaurant. You are going to look dumb if you do.

Another part of clothing, perfume should be worn moderate. I see Maldivian girls wear too much perfume. If a guy goes too close to her he will faint.

And now the grooming. Your body order must be controlled. To do that you must attack three places. Your armpit, mouth and crotch. Always, always use antiperspirant body spray.

Brush your teeth twice a day. And that’s not enough. Believe me! Your mouth will smell. You need to use mouth wash and also keep some tick tak or similar mouth fresher in your pocket. Do not chew Supari. It will ruin your teeth. And those ruined teeth will produce bad smell.

Your hair must be trimmed. Both armpit and pubic hair. Never let hairs grow out in your nose and ears. Shave everyday. But if you want to keep a beard keep it neat and clean. Women should not keep hair growing any part of their body except head and eyebrows.

Apart from that, during social situations like when you are with friends together having coffee, always keep your ideologies with yourself. Have your conversation secular by avoiding politics and religion as your main subjects. Sadly, politics is all I see from coffee tables. Always arguing with people who have different views from your own. Remember that you will never achieve anything by arguing these things for hours and hours. It will make your opponent hold his ideas harder than before. The more you argue the more stubborn they will become. So it’s just a waste of time.

When I started in the beginning I mentioned that there is nothing much to improve in our manners because we are already a well mannered society. Yes, that’s all I can think of for now. If we can make improvements on the points above we will become a much better and a happier society.