Three rights no one can take from you.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness” Those are the words from Thomas Jefferson whose story is now converted into a box office hit Musical called Hamilton.

There are three rights I’m going to discuss here. And they are: Life, Liberty & Property. I have my own names they are Heart, Hand, & Backpack.

Life (Heart) – This is the starting point of all the rights. Everyone is entitled to be alive. In the early days, people had to compete for survival, like today in the African jungle. Protecting his life should come first. Not through competition.

The moment we decide that Ali is not allowed to live in this world. And we have to take his life out and bury his body in Aasahara, we are thrown ourselves back into the dark age.

In some countries, individuals exist only because the government permits them to exist – in these societies you have no right to your own life. The permission can be revoked at any time.

Liberty (Hand) – Everyone is free to take any action he want as long as those actions does not hurt another person. Which means he may not cross the boundaries of other people’s rights by using physical force or any other means

This also means that the man is free to pursue his own independent course, seek to achieve his own goals, act according to his own rational judgment and choice without violating others.

Liberty also means free to travel – if you have to take permission to travel to an island, or enter certain place, you are not free. Only slaves act on permissions.

Property (Backpack) – Man cannot be separated from his property. Everyone is entitled to own everything he create. Man live for himself. Not others. Not even for his country, unlike those patriotic blah blah says.

Violating a right means forcing the man to act against his own judgement or values. The only way to do it is by using physical force. This power usually is reserved by state, or kings. 

Questions and Answers:

Q. Can I kill someone?
A. Nope. It’s a violation of the first right. The right to life.

Q. Are these rights subject to a public vote? Like majority blah blah in democracy?
A. These rights are for everyone. It is self evident in every human being whether they are majority or minority. Which is why it is called unalianable – cannot be taken away.

Q. When you work for someone you cannot do whatever you want. Does that mean the employer is violating your rights of liberty?
A. One takes a job, also an employee will hire, after you agree with certain things they offer. Once you agree to those offers, you are bound to follow it. You sacrifice your time, energy and all. Your employee sacrifice tools resources, wages etc. Once you agree to limit your freedom, you are bound by your word. So employee is not violating your freedom. On the other hand if you agree something and did not deliver, you are violating the agreement. In that case the employee may fire you.

Q. Can someone has the right to commit sucide?
A. Though it’s important, this matter is not related to those three rights. This issue can be resolved by courts.

Q. Can I stop someone who is about to die from drinking water from my well?
A. Tricky question. It may sound like you can, since it’s your property, so you have all the rights over it. But as the man is going to die if you don’t give water, you are violating his right to live. So you are oblidge to give enough to keep is heart beating. And don’t forget to call 119.

Q. If I give high five to my friend am I violating any rights?
A. As long as you don’t harm his hand. If you did it too strong and breaks his arm, yes you have violated.