Where is the Times Square in Fuvahmulah?

It’s cool to have a square. Do Fuvahmulah need one? Yes. People need a space to gather and share their ideas and problems. Almost every country has one big major square. Let me give some example from around the world.

China has Tienanmen Square
Egypt has Tahiriri Square
Slovakia has a Republic square
and There is a Market Square in Poland.

If those examples are not enough here are some more squares:

Times Square in New York
Red Square in Moscow
Labor Square in Vietnam
Garden Square in Canada

In Fuvahmulah there are nice locations for building such a square.

Some people might say oh we are wasting so much land. What I mean by a square is just leaving the land as it is, untouched. I hope that clears the confusion. The land will be preserved without building anything on it. The city council may pass the empty land to future generation so that when they run out of lands, they may use it.

People will go there to get some fresh air. Take their kids to play around and have fun.