My praise for Happy Nation by Ace of base

I might have listened to this song over 100 times. This is one of the best song I have ever listened to. The lyrics is amazing. The video is superb. The music is modern. Unlike Bob Dylan or John Lennon, this stuff is pure pop. You can even dance with the music.

The song kicks off with the following Latin verses:

Laudate omnes gentes laudate / Praise, all people praise.
Magnificat in secula / The greatest of all time

It’s a praise. Praising the greatest people of all times. Next verse:

Et anima mea laudate / my soul praises
Magnificat in secula / The greatest of all time

The verse ‘et anima mea laudate’ can also be translated as ‘My soul glorifies all’ . So this is what it says: ‘My soul too glorifies the greatest men of all time’

Next she sings:
Happy nation, Happy nation
Where the people understands
And dream of the perfect man
A situation leading to sweet salvation.

Dreaming a perfect man! This is not the job of a princess who got stuck in a tower. Every man himself should dream to become perfect. If he fails, at least look for someone who is close and follow him.

Skipping in between, these are my favorite lines:
Ideas by man is only that will last
And over time we have learned from the past
That no man is fit to rule the world alone
A man will die but not his ideas.

This is amazing. Is there anyone who can challenge these verses? One can sit and think about it, lost in time for hours, admiring one verse after the other.

Ideas live on even after the man is dead. Einstein is gone but his relativity exist. Wright is gone but flights exist. Babbage, gone but computers exist. One can go further back in time, we have ideas from Darwin, Hume, Kant, Marx and so on. Even years further than that, we have ideas from Galileo, Copernicus, Kepler, Newton. One can go on and on. We have ideas that exist today from men who lived 2500 years ago. Hippocrates, Aristotle, Pythagoras and Sun Tzu, to name a few.  All of them dead long ago but their ideas live on.

Yes, no matter how high a man rise. How powerful he can become, we learned that no man is fit to rule the world alone. Cyrus, Alexander, and Hannibal. Hitler, Caesar, and Napoleon. Lincoln, Gandhi, and Mandela, all taught us this valuable lesson.

This song will never get outdated. As it gets older, the nostalgic feeling grows strong. One could attach with the song like an old photograph of himself.