Paving ways in to city

The other day I was scooting around Male’ going from one traffic jam after another. The air was filled with toxic fumes from jammed vehicles. This is something so obvious that we don’t talk about. It was the beginning of the month and people on the road seems more excited. You can see it from the way they drive. Why shouldn’t they be? They just received the paycheck and settled all the credits. They have one more week to go before getting broke. As our fathers said: eat coconut while you have teeth, they are eating coconut before they drain the paycheck.

When I lived on paycheck to paycheck, I have just one life goal that is never to increase credit above 2000.

Human life is more complicated than other animals, including social animals. Though animals need same basic resources as we need food, water, shelter, and protection. Once the basics are passed then the complication rise. Our life is more complicated than other animals because we make tools and we communicate better then they do. All complications in our life came as a result of these two things. Though in few areas it became complicated, in many areas it made things far simpler and easier. The world we live today is completely different from our ancestors lived. We use tools to produce goods we need to fulfill our daily needs. After that we use communication to make improvements over it. With this, we changed the world.

Today, even with this complication we are living in a much better world. We are making progress and heading toward a better life. Since we are designed to live the way our ancestors lived, not the way we are living today, many people have difficulty in adapting to this artificial lifestyle. Though it is difficult we should go through and adapt to changes. It will be more beneficial to our children and us.

The most important thing a person need is protection and resources. Without protection we are dead. Without resources we are dead. In today’s upgraded world it is far easier to acquire these two. Society gives protection, and we have money to acquire resources through exchange.

The second one resources, this is the root of all the problems. Even with all developments it seems we are always in trouble. Not having our ends meet. The water is always at our nose level. This happens when the resources we need are not sufficient and there is no way to acquire it.

Today we use money and exchange it with resources. Mostly cities are designed such a way that this is the only way one can get resources. People live in the cities have to work extra hard to adapt to this new artificial life. They must have money to get resources they need otherwise their life is at stake.

Different people do different things to gain money. Most common way is by selling one’s labor. There are advantages and disadvantages of gaining money this way. One advantage is a stable regular income and a fixed hour of work. Though fixed income is an advantage, it can also become a disadvantage. When there are changes in the market and there is a possibility for gaining a better income one will still get the same amount. Another disadvantage is supply for this form of labor is way higher than the demand. This results a lower income. One can get an income twice high if he work on other ways to gaining his income.

No matter how we get money it is a necessary ingredient that require to sustain our life. In cities the only way one can get their resources is through exchanging money with resources. One should always be on the look for acquiring money so that they can sustain themselves and their family.