Goal: Making Maldives the most visited country in the world.

Two years ago we celebrated 1.2 million visitors. I was happy. In fact I’ll be happy everytime a dollar enters our county. We are making a fast progress in tourism sector, reaching number one on many rankings. I don’t want to make a list of all that. Instead, what I think is it’s time to set a higher goal. Best honey moon, best beaches, these are too low aim goals. We should aim higher than that. When we can aim higher, why should we aim low? That’s crazy. How about making Maldives the most visited country in the world?

To achieve this goal, we have to increase the number of visitors up to 83.7 million. Most people would go nuts by just hearing this. Because that’s 83 times more visitors we get today. It‘s a very hard but practicable goal. I firmly think if we have enough determination we can achieve it. People freak out because they think they can‘t do it. They think they can‘t do it because they don’t have enough courage and self-confidence. When we say we cant do it, we are actually saying: The goal is feasible and practicable, but I don’t have courage, confidence and effort that requires to achieve this goal. What a loser.

Most visited country in the world is France, Second is USA. Co incidentally these two countries have the highest number of world heritage sites. We, in Maldives also have heritage sites. More importantly we have natural beauty all around us. If we combine these two, it is possible to cater 83.7 million people. As I said before it‘s going to be tough but we can do it.

It should start from individual level. Each of us should decide what we can contribute to tourism sector. There are many. If you cannot find one, at least smile or give directions to tourists untill you find one. Smile.

For those who are already in tourism sector, they don’t have to do anything different. They just need to expand. Rest of us need to start now. Difficult part is this, and we got to do it, that is we must increase our effort up to 83 times more than we are making right now. I don’t mean that smokers who smoke one pack a day increase it to 83 packs. If you smoke a pack a day, I think you should reduce it to one puff a day. Anyway, Find out those things you do that increase your income. Then multiply those things to 83 times. This is one of the most insane goal you might encounter. Buckle up, soon you will find yourself on top.

The reason our country is stuck below average is because we are average. We are average because we don’t aim high. We got to aim high and rise above average. Its time to start building ourselves, our country and our tourism sector. For our country, ourselves, and our future we need this goal and we should start making effort in that direction before it’s too late.