Is arrogant and ‘foni’ a same thing?

The other day I accused a guy as ‘foni’. He said: ‘yes I am foni, but not arrogant.‘ Then burst out a laughter and continued ‘If a person maintains a standard you people call him foni. Even when they are not arrogant. Tell me, am I arrogant?

To this I replied ‘No’

I came home. All the good points I can use to argue with him rose in my mind. But there is no use in it. The time has passed. After that, I spent the whole day thinking about his point.

Our lovely Maldivian people calls everything foni. Think of quality, standard, appearance, excellence; to them these things are foni.
If we see a guy wearing a nice clothing with an iPhone on his hand; we call him foni. Yes, some people buy iPhone from their life savings to impress friends. I’m not talking about them. There are people who buys iPhone for quality. For them its the best device that meet their requirements. These are the people I’m talking about. We respect their choices.

Speaking about quality, we are not maintaining as much as we are capable of. I see too many people choosing price over quality. They think it will save money. Really?

Coming back to foni, the word by definition means arrogant. Its equal to Kiburuveri and Bodaa, both word means arrogant. But these days we are not using the word according to this definition. Instead, we come up with our own definitions and use the word different from what it actually means. I‘m guilty of this too. I usually don’t bother simple things like this as long as it doesn’t come and bother me. As this one bit me like a mosquito, and seem useful to so many people, I decided to talk about it.

Even though people call us foni, we should have a very high standard. Everything we use throughout our life has to meet some standards. The toothpaste we use, or the coffee we drink, the clothes we wear or the house we live or the friends we choose. Everything must meet our standards, and that standard must be very high. Never accept anything lower.

We can separate these standards into two groups: 1. Self and 2. Everything else.

First group contain everything our body needs and everything we use to improve our body and mind. Food, water, clothes, exercise, etc. comes under this group. These serve our body. There are things like books, knowledge, tutorials, spending time with loved ones and life parter. These things serve our mind. That should have a standard too. And yes if you keep a standard people will call you foni. be ready to face it.

Next thing people call you foni is when you focus on excellence. Once you start pushing people and yourself to be the best and making the best comes out, they will start narrowing their eyebrows. Prepare your ears for something like ‘mivarun fudheyne, mihaaru rangalhey‘. Of course it’s not enough unless you have your best. Never accept average.

I stuck on the same trap when my friend was fighting for excellence and pushing me to be my best, I thought he was foni. We should discard this idea. It’s time to create a higher standard for ourselves and push us further from the walls we built around us.

We have two options, either we become excellent or stuck in the average.