How to identify useful things and avoid buying unnecessary things

Look around, we see more shops than we see hairs. I mean not hairs of course. Maybe trees. I guess in male’ there are more shops than trees. These shops are filled with goods that are suitable for meeting every need. What a blessing. Just like every other blessing, this package also came with a curse hidden inside.

Since so many products look alike and do similar things, its getting more and more difficult to find goods that meet our specific needs. We sometimes have to go to five to six shops to get a right kind of cigarettes. Anyone who tried to buy a T. Shirt and a pair of jeans from Male’ can tell how tiering it is to find a right one.

When we buy something, it is important that it has all the features we want. Also its important that it doesn’t have any features we don’t want. Because additional features will increase it‘s price, and if we don’t use the features then we are paying for something we don’t use. Why waste?

We should find a way to avoid making this waste so that we can save it for later day to buy something we can enjoy.

This reminds me of Tyler Durden from fight club: ‘We buy things we don’t need, with money we don’t have, to impress people we don’t like’

As usual I will dive deep into this problem and start from bottom up. So first thing is quality. Imagine two friends Ahmed and Waddey.

Ahmed is working in an office far from home. It takes half an hour to walk there, very tiring. So he wanted to buy a motorbike. He ask his friends about latest motorbikes, most common ones and most stylish ones. He likes black or chrome. So he checked different designs and picked one. Its a bit expensive compared with other motorcycles, but who cares, he can afford it. So he bought it. Now he goes to work on that motorbike, saving a lot of time.

Then there is Waddey. His phone got broken. He put it on charge that night and went to bed. Waking up next morning, first thing he did was check the phone to see if there is any message. He couldn’t open it. The phone was dead.

He always wanted to buy a high-quality phone. So in that evening he did some research, checked what phones have highest battery capacity, processor speed, picture quality, sound quality, storage size. He was checking phones until midnight. By then he collected enough information about phones and chose one.

Next day he went to the shop and bought it. He liked it. It was the best phone he used so far.

They both bought high-quality items that meet their purpose. But the way they saw quality was different. Ahmed focused more on beauty, color, and style. This is romantic view on quality. Waddey was focusing more on efficiency and meeting his needs. This is classical type of view on quality.

It is important to be able to differentiate these two views and balance it. Every product contains romantic qualities and classical qualities. Romantic qualities are color, social status, look, syle and feeling one gets from using it. Classical qualities are its capacity, efficiency, durability, user friendliness and so on.

Sometimes people forget the classical side when they buy something. The result is, it will not fulfill their purpose. They cannot do anything with it other than show off like a jewelry. Their needs remain unsatisfied. This will not happen if they focus more on classical side.

Some people are so romantic that they have a chronic buying habit of things they don’t need. There is nothing wrong with having romantic view on products as long as one also keeps classical views in mind. This is one way to avoid buying worthless things.