Walk in the direction of happier and brighter days

The world has seen more chaos and disasters, much worse of it than we are seeing today.

As the drum rolled to 21st century, we see that overall violence has decreased and is going down. 20th century closed it’s chapter after fighting two world wars killing more than a billion people. 19th Century is marked today by it’s famous Napoleonic war involving whole Europe, middle east and north Africa. Death toll rings closed to half a billion. This goes on as we go further back in time.

Bloody Deaths, painful tortures by governments, and raging wars, reduced and declined. People have never enjoyed rights and freedom as much as we are enjoying it today.

Kids today luckily never see a horror of child labour. They are raised with love and care of their mother and father. This was not how it was before 21st century.

In the beginning of industrial Revolution Karl Marx was in UK escaped from Germany to save his live because he was Jewish. He went to UK on the right time. The time when greedy capitalists were looking for cheap labour, short cuts in the legal system, and most importantly ‘money’.

They used children for a lower price, children as young as nine years were compelled to work for more than ten hours. Later it was reduced to nine hours. That is still much longer than adults who work today.

Working hours was not alone. Their working condition was extreme. In coal plants after they come back from work, it seems they have been swimming in a coal of pool. They are hardly recognisable. because coal is all over them.

Plant rooms they work is filled with toxic. Whatever toxic exist in the room exist in thier lungs as well. Before they reach 30th birthdays they die of asthma, bronchitis or other lung disease.

Child labour was banned somewhere in the later days of 20th century.

Organised killing

Crimes that are punishable by death has reduced to few. Before that, death penalty was applied for being in a company of gypsies or killing a cat. These are unimaginable in today’s world.

When calendars entered into 20th century, crimes that are punishable by death has reduced to first degree to third-degree murders. Later when 20th century walk its way to the end, more than 35 countries abolished killing people for all crimes. Today it is less than 12 countries which practice it.


Before talking about war we should remember that there are seven billion people living today. There has never been a time where this many people living and breathing.

Earlier we thought that more people, more social problems, more violence, more crimes and so on. But as we entered into 21st century the opposite is happening in front of our eyes.

Beginning of 20th century was the bloodiest time in history. People have seen the horrors of war by themselves and suffered with it. The whole world watched this horror in front of them like a violent movie played on a theater. The result was it changed the way people see war.

Before the world wars, we sing it; we honor it. We honour soldiers who go on war. Songs like Iliad sings about war and glorified it. But today we see it with burning negativity inside our chests. We see it as bloodshed and inhuman acts. We are no longer willing to send our troops to war. Nor we honor who does it.

After the two world wars there was no major wars fought. Except few that occurred in the middle east, which is a small portion of the earth. But in Europe, Americas, south and east Asia except Vietnam remained peace.

This is a huge achievement in human progress. If we continue like this, hating all form of violence and killings, either with our hands or our Governments, world peace will not be very far.



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