Another futuristic High-tech dream 13-04-2022

I googled sunglasses that has adjustable brightness level according to the degree of sun light. But the one I found was not as cool as the one I was wearing in my dream.

So last night I had this dream. In it I was wearing a smart sunglasses that looked like a wayfarer. Here is the cool part. As I went outside to the sun, I adjusted the brightness by sliding my finger on the left side stick that goes over the ear. Now that’s high tech. When I went indoor, instead of taking off the sunglasses I adjusted the brightness by sliding my finger again. When I did that, the lens color also changed from black to transparent. It looked as if I was wearing a prescription glasses.

I bet it can zoom too.

I was also wearing a high tech ear buds, but I’m not sure what function it had because I haven’t used it. It looked flashy and super high-tech though.

Original 14-04-2022