The three ingredients of a happy and prosperous life

There are three ingredients made up of a happy and prosperous life. Those three ingredients are: health, wealth and knowledge. (Also called healthy, wealthy and wise)

Here, first I’ll explain why these three ingredients are essential for happy life and after that I’ll explain how to pursue those three.

Being healthy, wealthy and wise is an old saying that goes back to 1700s. What makes these three ingredients so important? First take a look at health. If one is unhealthy, there is no way one can become happy. Even if he has all the wealth in this world, he will not be happy.

Second, imagine a healthy individual, full of knowledge and wisdom, but extremely poor. Will he be happy? No.

Third, take an example of a person with lot of money and good health but lacks knowledge. Will he be happy? Yes. He will be happy. But it is highly unlikely that someone can attain good health and wealth without having the knowledge in the first place. Even if a healthy person inherited lot of wealth still he would need knowledge to maintain that wealth. Other than that he also need the knowledge to allocate resources, handle pressure, and organize the team. Failing to achieve that leads to financial failure.

From above example we know that having just one of the three ingredients is not enough to achieve a happy life. One requires all three. And this is a non stop process.

There is no maximum limit of health, wealth, or knowledge. You cannot say this is the maximum level of health I can attain. If you look carefully you will find there is always one more step you can take to improve your health. You cannot say this is the maximum amount of wealth I can attain. Or maximum amount of knowledge I can attain. There is always one more thing you don’t know and there is always one more thing you can learn. There is always one more step you can take to get ahead in your career to attain wealth. Trying to be healthy, wealthy and wise is a never ending endeavor and here is no finish line.

How one can make progress in those three areas:

To improve knowledge, you can read Books, watch videos, listen to audios, browse internet, travel, do interviews or watch interviews, gain work experiences and so on.

Improving health is not easy. You should do dieting by eating healthy food. You can exercise. Also cleanliness is very important. Cleanliness I mean cleanliness of yourself and your environment.

Improving wealth is also not easy: You should focus on your earnings and ways to increase it. You should also do lot of savings, Aquire assets, make progress in your Job/career, increasing productivity, etc and at the same time reducing consumption, reducing things that are money and time wasters.

At the end of the day ask yourself whether you done anything to improve your health, wealth and knowledge?

If you have worked on the three areas it can be considered a successful day. Asking the the following questions makes yourself accountable.

When you are on the phone ask yourself am I improving my health or my wealth? Am I improving my knowledge? If the answer is “no” then it’s time to reconsider what you were doing.

You should always be improving one of those three areas. If you are not improving your health, you should be improving your wealth. If you are not improving your wealth you should be improving your health. If you are not improving your health or wealth, you should be improving your knowledge. If you are not reading, you should be exercising. If you are not exercising or reading, you should be working.

For further accountability, here is a score board which display one’s monthly performance:

Monthly performance improvement compared to previous month.
score board:

Health: **
Wealth: ***
Knowledge: **

Each star is 20%. 5 star being 100%.

Once again, always try to become healthy, wealthy and wise.

By applying this method I hope you will become healthy, wealthy and wise.

Original 13-12-2021
Revisions: 03-04-2022