The two realities we live in

There is physical world and there is this social world. The physical world is where we physically live and where we are in the globe. The social world is inside of our head. It is collectively shared inside the head of everyone around us. When we interact with one another we mostly interact on a social level not physical level.

Next we will examine the nuts and bolts of both worlds.

In the physical world there are physical things like houses, trees, cars, roads, animals, water etc. When all these things combined it forms the physical world.

In the social world there are relationships, such as brothers, bosses, girlfriends, strangers etc. There are social statuses, such as presidents, criminals, doctors, brigadier Generals etc. There are social structures such as banks, governments, families, private limited companies, cults, gangs, teams etc. There are sign vehicles such as symbols, flags, slogans, patriotic songs etc. Combination of all these social nuts and bolts creates a social world.

Physical world obeys the physical law of gravity and so on. In the social world there are similar laws such as customs, social norms, values etc.

The interactions in the social world generates emotion while in the physical world we produce feelings. In the physical world you do that by using physical things. Example would be Adam eating the cake sitting inside an AC room after that sleeping on the comfort bed.

In the social world emotions are stirred by imagination. Can you imagine sitting in front of the beach with your partner and watching the sunset, if you can imagine well or recall a similar situation, it would generate some emotion. Or when you imagine that someone is going to criticize you for your action, this will also create some emotions.

Some emotions such fear, desire and excitement are in the social world. These emotions are triggered when you imagine something.

The emotions we generate by interacting with the physical world can be considered as feelings rather than emotions. The word feeling sounds more physical. Since those response generated when we interact physical objects, whether it is pleasurable or painful response we feel are more physical than the feelings generally occur during social situations. The word emotion is more like imaginary, operate inside of a mind instead of outside. So this separation is necessary to discuss those two situations.

Now let’s talk more about the two worlds:

For example fear does not come from our senses. But sweetness come from our senses when we eat red strawberries. And fear is also not produce in the outside physical world. But it can be produced by creating the simulation of the physical world in a way the end result is a threat. What I mean is for example you have been to the zoo and you already know that lion is huge and dangerous. And then when I tell you that tomorrow I’m going to take you to the zoo and put you inside the lions cage and lock the door and when you create a mental stimulation of this situation the end result is a threat to your life. As a result, this simulation will generate fear. It did not come from your senses. And the situation doesn’t exist in the physical world. If I take your hand and bring it close to the fire, you will feel the pain but it does not necessarily cause fear.

Here I have explained the response from both realities.

Each reality is equally real as the other. No reality is more real or less real than the other. Therefore we need to give equal importance to the both realities, and the both worlds.


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