Thaana script is slowing down the progress, and decreasing the efficiency of our work.

Dhivehi is a beautiful language but we are using it with Thaana.

Thaana script has been a road block of technological progress since the introduction of type writer. After the type writer, technology has made swift progress entering every area of work and personal life. Many other countries adopted the technology and benefited from the leverage it gave, while we are here unable to fully adopt it due to Thaana.

Both technology and Thaana are tools, but technology is a much broader tool which can implement and leverage every aspect of work. Technology has higher use value while Thaana has higher symbolic value.

The choices are we can abandon technology, abandon Thaana. Why not both? It is extremely difficult and ineffective to use both parallel, or combine the two. Other writing systems that goes from right to left, such as Arabic and Hebrew are facing similar issues. Even those languages such as Thai and Sihala are causing major technological cost in their countries.

Since Latin is the major part of technology, my suggestion is to use Latin as a working writing system while keeping Thaana as the symbolic writing system. Which means Thaana to be used when we need to represent culture, and national pride. However using Latin for everyday work and communication.

Latin is not as bad as many people think it is. It is the writing system of 133 countries and the number is growing. Thaana is used in just one country. Latin has just 5 vowels. It is also the writing system that connects the global trade.

In today’s world we cannot move ahead by thinking about ourselves alone. Because we are living in a much broader world, connected with technology, travel and trade. Our website maybe in US, while people in Male use it. Therefore, we need to use a writing system the world can understand. Because we are no longer living alone.

Original- 16-03-2022