Naifaru Trip, after long time.

Today I went to Naifaru. This trip was quite distinctive because it’s been a long time since I visited there. My last trip was somewhere in 2011-2012.

I noticed many tall buildings. Some 4 stories and 5 stories. Back then there were none. The road is the same as before, dusty, lot of bumps. There were many motorbikes and I also saw one or two cars. The harbor condition is also the same if I’m recalling correctly.

The island itself is significantly hot. When I walk from one side of the road there were no shades. I was directly facing the sun. On some of the roads I didn’t see any trees. Sometimes I walk for a while without seeing a tree. And if there is one, it is either about to die or too small to have a shade.

The public buildings are well built. schools, hospital, public library, and council buildings are well built. But I saw several half-built houses with people living in it. There were houses with walls worn out, paints faded and parts collapsed. Some houses had windows broken, main doors partly broken, half-built boundary walls and so on. Other than that there were few nice houses. One I noticed was a 5 story building with the ground floor made as a shop. There were few similar private buildings.

In terms of economic activities, I didn’t see anything other than retail shops. Based on the people I spoke, their main productivity is fishing. No agriculture, manufacturing, or production.

The quality of education is good. There is a tertiary educational institution. I walked in front of Villa college a few times. Its blue painted walls caught my attention. Even though educational quality is good, majority of the people are not educated according to the people I spoke to. One reason is that the college education was started quite recently and the second being educated people leaving the island. They leave because the island is not up to their expectations and the general public was not able to lift the conditions to meet their expectations.

The island needs a lot of engineering skills to solve its infrastructure problems, road issues, motorcycles and marine transport issues. They also need business skills to solve logistical difficulties, to create startups and solve other business issues.

Original: 24-10-2021
Spell check: 17-11-2021