Interest-o-meter: Measuring the closeness of interpersonal relationships

This tool helped me to improve the quality of my friendships and other relationships. Relationships with colleagues, customers, managers, supervisors, HODs and so on.

By using this tool, I can determine which areas I need to repair connections, pay more attention, or need to do something before things fall apart.

Here is how it looks:

GM- 80%
DFNB- 75%
HRM- 80%
DOS- 80%
DFin- 70%
FOM – 60%
AFOM – 89%
DM – 50%
LM – 60%
Laundry- 70%

Score for FOM decreased compared to last week due to few arguments. I need to repair that. On the other hand team score increased 10% after the discussions we had regarding operational issues. DM’s score is low and I need to focus on improving it. The ideal score is 80%. If it’s below that it means I need to do something.

From where I’m getting these scores? These numbers are taken out of guess work. It was not given to me by those individuals whom I’m scoring. If I ask them for scoring, the results might be completely different from what I have guessed. Or it may even be close or same.

I don’t think it is possible for one to accurately judge what others think of himself. So this is the closest I found. It does give some idea on the current situation on the inter-personal relationship between myself and the people around me. Somehow it worked very well.