Restaurant themes classification in Maldivian resorts: South Asian & Asia Pacific

In resorts there are restaurants focusing on Asian travelers. Our major Asian travelers are from China and India. And after a huge gap there is Japan.

If we look at the food varieties in China and it’s neighborhood to the East, in the Pacific region, we see no difference in what they eat.

For breakfast, the Chinese normally eat noodles, while Filipinos eat rice. But for lunch, Chinese eat rice while Filipinos eat noodles. Rice is the major staple in this area. My point is, the food is almost the same in China, Japan, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia.

So, to cater Asia pacific travelers, how about one restaurant specialized for Asia pacific? That way, whether the guest is from Japan, China, Hong Kong or Singapore they will find something that match their taste.

After china, the second largest market is India. India is located in South Asia. Please take a look at the food people eat in this region. We can easily notice the similarities. Curry, spicy chicken etc.

Unlike Asia Pacific, South Asia consists of all third world countries so there is not much traveling going on from countries other than India. But there is one more region where we get travelers who are interested in South Asian food. That is the Middle East. Middle East is a rich region and Maldives is one of their favorite destination. They love South Asian food, especially Indian, Nepali and Pakistani dishes.

So if there is a South Asian restaurant, it can cater for Indian and Middle Eastern guests.

In some resorts there are Maldivian restaurants and Indian restaurants. Or Maldivian theme night and Indian theme nights. But the food varieties in those two nights are almost the same. One night the bread is thick, the other night the bread is thin and small. One night it’s chicken curry, the other night it’s fish curry. The food is too similar to differentiate.

Not only the food, the culture itself is similar in this region. The people have similar traditions eg. Eating by hand instead of fork and spoon. They prefer things to be more traditional rather than modern.

After considering all that, how about a traditional looking South Asian restaurant with foods from India, Sri Lanka, Maldives, and Pakistan?