Maldives flag waving in the crowd of UN

Some flags are nice while other national flags looks like it was designed by using MS Paint on Windows XP.

It’s nice to see our flag waving on UN building in New York city along with many other flags. These are in my opinion the nicest flags over there. The top 5:

1- Mexico flag with its green white red and the eagle in the middle is the best looking flag. Though I’m sure it can be improved.
2- Japanese flag with its straightforward red circle in the middle.
3- United States flag makes elegant because of the stars. There are many flags with stars. Stars are always eye catching.
4- Egypt flag with the golden eagle. Eagle is also common among many other flags.
5- Dominican Republic flag seems to match red and blue well. That makes the flag eye catching.

Which place do you think our flag would be on the ranking?
Is our flag the best? If not can it be improved to make the best?

On the international stages the flags are there to represent the country it belongs. It’s good if it stands out among the peers.

On the other hand, flags also contain a meaning for the society. Is it possible to upgrade a flag without changing the meaning? Sociologically speaking it is possible.