Ranking of the 10 biggest problems in Fuvahmulah in 2021

Here is a list of the most pressing 10 problems I found in Fuvahmulah. And yes I have given solutions too.
My ranking maybe different from someone elses’ or someone may have a better idea of how to solve a problem. That’s fine. Always go with what is better.

And here it goes:

Lack of sports and entertainment.
Sports not only help people to stay fit, it helps people to interact one another. It develops leadership and cooperation. It creates togetherness. It teaches people to look for one another. It teach one to be selfless by not holding the ball for too long.

Entertainment on the other hand helps people to release stress and build network connections. Early days we had stage shows, parades, and carnivals. When this stopped, people again had fewer reasons to interact one another. The choices for releasing stress became less.

Lack of quality in tertiary(College) education.
In 2020 we had three colleges. In 2021 it reduced to two.

These are what’s going on in colleges:
There is no course in electricity. But we all use it. And it needs major improvements.
There is no course on environment. But we have huge environmental problems.
There are no courses in machanical engineering. But there are vehicles, machines and engines everywhere that needs fixing.
There are no courses in Hospitality. But guest house business is on the rise.
There is no health related degree. But health issues are increasing.
There are no courses in civil engineering. But the infrastructure of the island needs a massive upgrade.
There are no courses in chemistry & biology/botany. But our agricultural farms need major improvements.

The talent should be produced where it is needed. But there are lot of talents produced where it is not needed.

There are courses in business and IT but the quality needs improvement.

How to fix it:
Introduce Certificate level courses in science related fields. Eg. Engine repair, boat building, wood work, fishing, marine, electrical, construction.
Introduce Bachelors course in science related subjects. Eg. Civil engineering.
Improve course quality.
Make Fuvahmulah the hub of education between Huvadu and Addu.
Provide students accommodation facilities for Huvadu and Addu students.

Introduce science, IT, biology, woodwork incubators.

Lack of jobs
This is a self explanatory point. Here are some ways to fix it.
Introducing manufacturing industry.
Expanding IT frameworks
Bring in more construction related projects.
Increase tourism services and facilities.
Making agricultural lands more efficient.
Increase startups.

Fuvahmulah is suffering from erosion from one side of the island.
How to fix it:
Build water breaks to redirect the current or build walls on the edge or put boulders in a row.

Lack of Infrastructure development
Houses are an unfinished business in Fuvahmulah. Over 90% of the houses are half built and left alone.
If you see a completed building, it must be a government office.

How to fix it:
The real issue here is not people unwilling to build houses. But lack of finances, expensive raw materials, and logistics. So giving a housing loan, subsidizing construction materials, assisting planning and drawings, and helping in obtaining loans can fix it.

Theft and burglary
Theft is a big problem for houses, agricultural lands, boats and shops.
The houses are built in such a way that it’s inviting the burglers. Most houses has no boundary walls, no gates, and if there is a door, it’s not secured.

In agricultural lands there are no walls and no one to watch over the crops.

The shops are walled but sometimes they have loopholes such as bad lighting, weak doors etc.

Boats has this problem because there is no security to watch over.

How to fix it:
Houses, farms and shops can use cctv cameras, build walls and put locks.
The harbor can be equipped with cameras for watching the boats.
Security awareness programs for the on TV by police and other security institutions would also help.
Security seminars by police, councils and non profit organizations.

Drug abuse
How to fix it: Education, guarding the air and sea gates, better rehabilitation programs,

Housing problem.
Apart from half built houses, there are families without roof or living under their parents or someone else’s roof. It would not be incorrect to say that all the houses in Fuvahmulah are designed for one family in mind. But we can find three, four families living in a single family housing unit. This creates unnecessary conflicts and decrease overall happiness among the people.

Fixing this problem requires moving away from the single family housings unit mentality to apartment mentality.
Provide housing for newly married couples.
Redesign houses compatible for multi families.
Houses and apartments sales open for individuals as well as couples.

Road problems
Roads produce lot of dust which goes into our noses and houses, making people sick. I don’t have data but Fuvahmulah may have the highest number of individuals with Asthma. No thanks to dust from road.

Rocky roads damage the wheels, shocks, and engine. It decreases life of cars, motorcycles and people.

How to fix it:
We all know how. Just build the road.

Inefficient management of resources.
Fuvahmulah has limited resources. Keeping that in mind we should use it as efficiently as possible, making sure nothing is wasted.

Our biggest resource is time. We can be more efficient by reducing the time we spend in coffee shops, social media, and staying idle.

People are the most important asset and resource we have. So we need to raise them in quality houses, send them to quality schools, feed them quality food. Then only when they go to the job market, they will be valued and have quality.

It is important to upskill the workforce. The workforce need more attention same as the military force. Because they are the ones who are responsible for developing the nation.

Land is another tight resource. But so much of it lay barren, neglected, or sits an abandoned house on it. On one hand 10 families sharing one kitchen, on the other hand several houses lay abandoned, lands barren.

Agricultural lands are in the same situation. The production is highly inefficient. I saw outdated methods and equipments in my sister’s farm. The output is half of what can actually produce.

Shops, institutions, offices, schools, exist to give service. And they can make it more efficient.

How to fix it:
Just do the opposite of what is above. Train all the individuals in lean methods. I think all inefficient use of resources can be solved by continuous lean campaign. Just two campaigns a year will be enough.
More MBAs.
Hiring only MBAs for any position that require resource planning.
Senior management training programs. There are senior managers who had their education in the 80s. Since then, new knowledge has been found, new methods has been discovered. So they need to update their knowledge and skills.

Original – 04-06-21