Me as a Farmer

Farming is one of the activities I love. That’s why I have decided to grow some plants. After months of day dreaming, I went to the farming lands in Fuvahmulah. There I studied how they do the work. Last month seven days I went there. On each day I spent about one hour in the farm. Not in the same farm. But I walk around the area and see different farms and look at different plants and check how they grow it.

During this time I collected some papaya seeds and threw it in the backyard. Also Im growing a passion fruit vine. From the passion fruit vine I removed a pice of branch and replanted it. So now I have two passionfruit vines.

Here is a list of all the plants I have now, June 27:

19 Papaya trees
2 Passion Fruit vines

Initially I planted 25 papaya plants. But six of them died.

Instead of increasing the varieties I focus more on scaling. Getting it into mass production level.

On July 3 another Passion fruit seed got germinated. Now there are three Passion fruit plant.

On 6 July, Six papaya plants died. So now there is 13. The papaya seeds that were germinated on mid June will be ready to move next week.

On 12 July, one papaya plant died. Now there is 12 plants remaining.

On July 21, I have planted five more plants. So now the total is 17 papaya plants.