A Seaplane fleet for Maldives military & Police

Seaplane is a super portable aircraft it can cover half of Maldives within one and half hours. That’s six times faster than speed boat and 48 times faster than Dhoani boat. It can carry up to 16 people and more than 1000 kg of cargo at the same time. (DeHavilland)

During disasters or emergency situations seaplanes are more effective in delivering supplies and people compared with helicopters or flights. Unlike flights, seaplanes don’t need a runway. Resorts use a deck but it’s not a must.  You can just bring it to the shore of any Island and unload stuffs on the beach.

So this is essential for military and police.

Not only in emergency situations but if a High ranking official or MPs want to visit an Island for a ceremony, they can also fly it. This will bring military, police and Government officials closer to the people.

Original: 22 December 2020