Within 10 years all Maldivians will speak English.

Today only our parent’s generation cannot speak English. Our grand children are more fluent than us. They are the coming generation. So once the older generation leaves, the whole Maldives can speak English.

Today everyone below 35 speak English. This is over 68% of the population.[1] From those who are in decision making positions almost 95% can speak English. There are lot of people in the government who don’t speak English. But in the corporate world there’s almost none. In resorts even stewarding people speak fluent English.

Organizations are refusing to hire people who don’t speak English. So once those non English speakers who are already in the organization leaves, all organizations in Maldives will have people who speak English.

The coming young generation will take over in the next 10-15 years. They are coming with more knowledge but less experience. Yet, they are more open and better connected globally than any previous generation.

1. National Bureau of Statistics

Original – 17-12-20