Death Threats and murder attempts against Martin Luther King

January 1956 – King received a phone call in his house threatening him to get out of that town if he want to be alive.

“During the year of the boycott, their phone rang nonstop with hate calls, and Coretta (King’s wife) often had to answer them.” Guardian wrote.

“He told me to write the name and number of anyone who called to threaten his life so that he could return the call and receive the threat in the morning [in person]” Coretta said.

January 1956 – King’s house was bombed. His family was saved.

December 1956 – Shot guns fired into King’s home while King and the family was sleeping.

January 1957 – Police found several dynamites planted around King’s house. There was no explosion.

September 1958 – Izola took a seven-inch knife and stabbed in the chest of Martin Luther King. “I’m glad I’d done it.” She said.

April 1960 – A group of men planted a wooden cross on the front yard of King’s house and lit fire. No one was hurt. King removed it in the morning.

April 1960 – Nashville address was delayed due to several bomb threats.

February 1968 – FBI received threats of bombing a meeting King was going to attend. Armed guards were stationed around King’s room as well as the meeting room.

March 1968 – Death threats begin to pour as King announce to address in Detroit. As the car drove to the ground, King was sitting on the back seat. To protect him, the police chief was sitting on his lap.

April 1968 – While standing on the balcony of the second floor, a shot was fired from the ground. The bullet hit King. He was rushed to St. Joseph Hospital. The wound was fatal. He died at 19:05, one hour after the shot was fired.

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Original: 24-11-20