The truth must be protected from criticism

“If it is true, then we must not let anyone criticize it. If people talk bad things about that truth, it might cause harm.” “Truth must be loved, cherished, and we should treat it like our own pet.” Thanks to this conventional wisdom that came from our culture, we end up passing our days holding on to this mindset.

It looks like I have just declared a war against the truth. It seems that I’m shouting “We have been listening to the truth for too long time. It’s time to throw it away and start hugging the falsehood” No. I love truth as much as anyone else. Ok I’ll agree that I’m not that much into overprotecting the truth. But it’s with the reason of protecting it even better.

By the way, protecting truth from who?
The bad people.

What bad people can do to the truth if we show it to them? Can they kill it?
I think if we show the truth to bad people and if they are reasonable, they might accept it. Hiding truth from bad people just to protect it is not the way to go.

Criticism makes the truth stronger. Truth feeds on criticism. The more people beat it, the harder it gets. This is a quality I have observed several times in many different areas. It’s not possible to fight against truth by using a lie. The truth will win. It always win. I have seen many times truth eating up lies. On tv, internet, and many other places.

Trying to protect truth makes no sense because we don’t have to. The truth is a living thing that can protect on its own. Without anyone helping it.

Original 13-11-20