A dream of Taiichi Ohno

I had a weird dream last night. In that dream, Taiichi Ohno was standing not in a factory but in a construction site. There were two men working. They were putting cement on the floor. Ohno was standing next to them. In his usual way, without a movement, like a statue. I was observing the workers and then Ohno himself. Weird.

Psss…psss, this is kinda embarrassing, but who is this Ohno guy?

Let me whisper secretly. He was the Vice President of Toyota motor company in Japan. A very strict boss. Everyone was afraid of him. This was the old days when bosses gave orders. It was during the second world war and Korean war, in the 40s 50s and 60s. Today, bosses are not like that anymore. They are seen as leaders. Even Toyota is different now.

He wasn’t the Vice President on the first day. He climbed his way up. Before Vice President, he was the head of production. Before that, he was the head of Matomachi factory. Before that, he was the head of assembly division in the Matomachi factory. Before that, he was the shop floor supervisor in the engine manufacturing plant. Before that he was spinning cotton in the Toyoda Loom factory. This is the actual company founded by Sakichi Toyoda. Before that he was studying in Nagoya tech school. Before that, in 1912 his mother gave birth to him in a Chinese city.


Original 08-11-20