Let’s talk about how to make one Rufiyaa

On the coffee table and when you talk with friends, they always talk about making millions. After taking a coffee sip they start talking about their big business idea. A business that will make a million Rufiyaa. When the waiter brings the bill, they don’t have enough cash to settle the bill. Yet, they are talking as if they are millionaires.

So instead of thinking about how to make one million they need to lower their bar and start with a lower amount.

How about making one rufiyaa?
Just one rufiyaa? Are you kidding? Who want to make one rufiyaa? People don’t think about one rufiyaa. It is too easy.

Guess what, it’s not. Most of these millionaire talkers get confused. They can’t think of a way to make one rufiyaa.

One time I ask this guy how to make 50 laari. He thought I was fooling around. Later on when he realized I was dead serious, he began to think about how to make 50 laari. I was there for half an hour and he was thinking the whole time but he couldn’t come up with any idea that could generate 50 laari.

It’s not a bad idea to think of creating a factory, buy a boat, a land, an apartment, a car, or a bus. I totally support this.

What I want to say is we should also think about opportunities within our means. If we don’t know how to make one rufiyaa, it is a clear speed break that says hold on. First, we should understand how to make one rufiyaa.

Original – 23-07-20
Correction – 27-07-20