Social hierarchy and fixing the society from bottom up

In a society we find powerful people, average people, and last, the unfortunate lower class. We are going to put them in a pyramid. We can divide that pyramid into three parts. Top, middle and the bottom.

The top part represents all those powerful people. The middle part represents all those middle-class average people. The bottom represents the lower class of the society.

From this pyramid, I am going to focus on the bottom part. In all the developed countries the bottom part is narrower than the middle. The smaller the bottom part, the more developed the country is. Their goal is to make it narrower until it is completely disappeared.

Countries such as Sudan, Nigeria, Myanmar, and North Korea the bottom part of the pyramid is wide. It is wider than the middle part. Which means in these countries there are more poor people then there are average people.

Who are these people that forms the bottom part?

There are gang members and other criminals who became what they are due to some circumstances. There are illegal immigrants who legally came to Maldives for work but after that they want a better life in this country. There are people who get harassed for expressing their opinions. There are businessmen who are broke and got bankrupted due to economic situation. There are children who became orphan when their father or mother died. There are women who suffered from domestic violence, or who became victims of rape and other sexual harassment. Then there are poor people who are not able to afford three meals a day. There are victims of natural disasters such as earthquakes, storms, and tsunamis. Then there are people who suffer from disasters such as fire and accidents. There are people who are mentally and physically disabled. Some due to birth defect others due to aging. There are people who are homeless and living on the street. Then there are drug addicts whose friends told them it was fun. There are illiterate people who cannot read write.

If anyone want to improve the whole society, they need to start their work by focusing the lower class. From bottom up. Once the lower class is narrowed down, there will be more people in the middle-class who are productive and happy. As a result, the society becomes efficient, effective, and strong.

The government and all the non-profit guys should focus on creating a safety net that will protect or save these people.

Original 18-07-20