Non consumable goods we find in Fuvahmulah

I’m talking about anything we can’t digest. Imagine a sharp metal garden saw. I can’t eat it. But it doesn’t mean that saw is useless. I can use it to cut down trees. Also after I cut down one tree I can reuse it to cut down another tree. It is reusable. This is what I mean by non consumable stuff.

Think about patrol. If you use it once, you cannot use it the second time. Because it’s used up, it’s consumed, it gets disposed as we use it. How about single use battery? Same, as you use it, you are bringing it closer to its death. Ok we are not interested in these kind of stuff. Instead we are going to focus on things that can be used over and over again. Like the saw.

If we look at Fuvahmulah can we see any non consumable goods? If there are, so what? (Who cares anyway!) Well, the good thing about a saw or any other non-consumable good is that if you try to make money from it, you can make money over and over again.

Imagine the two lakes, or Thundi, these places are like a saw, we can reuse it over and over. So if we start making money out of it, it will be an endless stream of income. What else? How about the land? Can we reuse it? Of course we can. Sunlight, air, sea and people. Yes I said it, people!. People are multi skilled. You can put them on many different works. What else?

When we go to the beach area we find lot of coconut palms. These palms gives coconut. Not once. But it keeps on giving. Coconut palms outlast humans. One coconut palm in my back yard was planted by my grand father’s grand father. That’s around 1890s. So that’s over 130 years. Even today the tree is full of coconuts. But if you use the coconut palm, you can use of it once. Ok what else?

How about those mudlands? Sure yams can grow there. But there are so many unused muddy lands around the island. Sure we can monetize it some way.

What about those corals and fishes? I mean not fishing. Instead, showing it to the visitors. This way you are not killing the fish or corals. There is a little bit of tourism and diving but it needs to improve.

All sorts of fruits and veggie plants are under this group. We have fertile lands which we can use to grow these plants. Trees like mango, bread fruit, papaya, will produce fruits continuously. So this again, is something we can think of monetizing.

That’s all I can think of now. But I’m sure you know better than me. And I know there are many more.

Original – 09-07-20