Simplified Divehi Latin phonetic: Sh or x

I see most people using sh to make the sound that is used in English. Eg. Sh: she, shake.

Now in divehi there is no sound for X which makes this letter available for us to use to represent any other sound.

In English X is also used to make the sound sh for eg. Luxury, sexual. Here X is used to make the sound same as sh.

Since our goal is to make the language simple and easy to use. Instead of using sh, we can use x to represent this sound. It reduces one letter.

Those who think this is a burden I would say it’s not. Because in divehi there are not many words that make this sound. So it’s not difficult.

Here is how you can use it:

Before: shukuriyyaa
Now: xukuriyya

Before: mushi Kula
Now: muxi Kula.

In Chinese here is how they write thank you.
xi xie. It spelled as ‘Shee shiey.’ in English phonetic. (I just was to show that this is not something new. I just borrowed it from other languages)

This might cause confusion to Maldivians at first because we are used to making Z sound for X. Eg Xaheen, we say Zaheen. We are used to this. It may be difficult for the first generation to adapt this. But the second generation will not even give a second thought. When they hear older generation mistakenly refer X as Z they will get annoyed.

Original 05-03-20
paragraph added 10-03-20