What Fuvahmulah women really want

Not only our former president finds Fuvahumulah women beautiful, ordinary people from all over Maldives find them attractive. From coffee tables to Joali fathi, I keep over hearing ‘I want a Fuvahmulah girl’ And a few months later I hear this ‘Fuvahmulah girls are so difficult to court with.’

These men keep complaining that they try so hard to win one girl or another from Fuvahmulah but keep on failing after months of trying. Having such a low success rate in their courtship, they pour these frustrations into my ears making my head go over heat. So here I will go through the basics and explain what Fuvahmulah women look for when they choose a partner.

Women are choosy when it comes to selecting a partner. The reason is that the risk is higher for women than men. If she gets pregnant it takes 9 months for gestation, one year for lactation and she is responsible for upbringing the child, and after having a child, finding another potential mate becomes more difficult. If she is not careful then she could bear an unhealthy child, she may not have enough resources and contact viruses and pathogens and soon the offspring will die. The success of the offspring depends on the choice she makes about her partner.

If you go to the jungle you will see the same situation among the 5000 mammals and 250 primates. Even though we are living in a much modern times with access to high-tech medicine and birth control, we are operating from an operating system that was designed millions of years ago in the jungle.

So her risk is high. As for the man the only cost he bears is the time he spent during sex, which is about 20-45 minutes. So we should give some consideration to this when we deal with human courtship. And the question is if they are choosey, then what are the criterias they look for?

The criteria depend on many things. Her situation, environment, culture, family, physical attractiveness, past encounters with other men, the supply of men in the mating pool etc. If you are from Malé, you are in a larger pool and she becomes more choosy as she has more options available. Next she will look for body stature and social status. After checking out each man, she will go for the person best suit for her. You may imagine it the way she buy her shoes.

The whole thing becomes clear when we dive into biology. Let’s find out.

The first and the most important factor is resources. This is something that is hard-coded in her biology. And something that she directly depend on for her survival. No matter what, she will never sacrifice this for something else. Again how high the bar depends on her capacity to acquire resources. For example if you are courting a girl who has a stable job in immigration office, the bar is not as high as a girl who is going to college.

Body types – Women, in general, are highly attracted to athletic body. They have a very high preference for tall men and V-shaped torso. This is found in all societies as professor Bruce Ellis highlights ‘Taller men are more sought after….and tend to have prettier girlfriends than do shorter men’. The same goes for Fuvahmulah women. Being fat is seen as lazy, slow, and unhealthy. The outcome from these men will be a lazy and unhealthy child with a partner who is too lazy to support her and the child. This may not be true in the modern age we live in. But her operating system thinks it is true.

The third is social status – Women use social status as a cue. It is assumed that high status men has access to better food, better apartment and so on. Being with one of them means their children can have all these opportunities. For example in Yanomamo tribe and Kung tribe there is a ‘head man’ or ‘big man’ who lead the tribe and has access to all the resources. He also has access to more women than any other low ranking member of the tribe. Since we are speaking about biology, Fuvahmulah women are no different.

Here I have laid out the big three – Resource, Body and Status.

Apart from that there are few small things you may need to consider:

Fuvahmulah women are generally well educated. Most of them have a degree and almost everyone studied up to A-level. Their emphasis on education comes from the culture and their parents. So lack of intelligence is a huge turn off for them. Also, there is a biological reason for this. Men of high intelligence have higher social status, and they are able to acquire and manage a large sum of resources which are essential for upbringing the children.

Being ambitious is also important. As Fuvahmulah women are highly ambitious, you need to have some goals, plans or something to run after. You should have something to aim that is higher than your height.

Age difference is also something you need to consider. The preferable age difference is 3 and half-years (+-2) younger than you. So it means the maximum is 5 years and minimum is one year older than her.

Some desirable traits are industrious, dependability and stability. If she is looking for a long-term relationship then ask yourself, am I hard working, dependable, and a stable person? Stable I mean emotionally stable or maturity.

Do yourself a self-examination and see what is lacking from you. Most of these things I mentioned are not so difficult to achieve.

Original: 23-12-19
Proof Read: 17-05-20