The last Journey of my grand father

I was 11 years old so I don’t remember much. But I’ll recall whatever is in my memory.

My grandfather was a fisherman. He wakes up early morning around 4am, get ready for the fajr prayer and heads toward the mosque. After the prayer he will go to the dhoni which is anchored in the sea near our house. That Dhoni belongs to one of his friends. Everyday at 13:00 or 14:00 by latest he will be back from fishing. Keeping the dhoni anchored the same location and return to home with three or four yellowfin tunas.

It was late afternoon I saw my mother and grandmother crying and there were many people gathered near our house. I have no idea what was happening. Then I went to my mother and when I saw her crying I began to cry too. She tried to console me. I asked what’s going on? She said grandfather didn’t come home.

This day went same as all other days, my grandfather and one of his friend, two of them went fishing. They left around 05:00, and suppose to be back at 13:00.

Late around 15:00 three national security services members came to my home with a map, they spread the map on the table in the living room. There were a group of my family members forming a circle around the map. They didn’t let me go near. I saw the NSS men moving a pencil and pointing different locations on the map and talking to my family. They were showing the areas they have searched so far. They assured that they will keep on searching. The searching was quite difficult because in the same week there were several huge volcanic activities in Bali, and the smoke has reached Maldives. This I also observed when I looked at the sky – it was darker and I can recognize the smoke.

After a week of searching, NSS announced that he is not within the Maldivian territory, most likely they are not alive.