Boduberu and traditional dance: A second look.

Boduberu is originated from East Africa. It came to Maldives through African sailors during 11th century or earlier.

Now the question is why we consider this as a Maldivian traditional music while we know it came from Africa?

Even today we can see the same drumming and same dances performed by East African people. For example Amudu dance is no different …

Reys felanee

Handhaan veytha ekkala beethaa cycle dhuvvaa goi?

Eythee ge Injeenu heyrey adu ivi badhigey fuddanuga meedhaa heylee

Rodhi kendigen gos kiriyaa car egga thahnuvee

Iyye ga Rashma yah foni dhakkan cycle mathee fumunee.

Foni dhekkifa onnaane gulhayakah ledumun.

thaarumathee keytthi …